Building on the knowledge and success of its Cannabis Oil Aromatherapy Device, Green Vapor set its sights on developing an aromatherapy device optimized for CBD blends. After months of R&D, including multiple adaptations of the internal delivery method and advanced micro-chip technology, the device was finally perfected for CBD use.
As a result, you can now enjoy an enriched vapor experience ensuring maximal CBD intake per inhalation!
By choosing Green Vapor’s Pre-filled CBD Aromatherapy Device you are guaranteeing yourself a superior experience without any of the traditional consumption hassles:
  • No need to Prepare/ Always Ready
  • No mess with our leak proof technology;
  • Discrete
  • Sweet pleasant aroma that dissipates in minutes
  • No charging;
  • No complex user functionalities, simply place to your lips, inhale and enjoy;

Proprietary CBD Blend

• Carefully formulated & crafted; Through months of rigorous research & testing we created a perfectly balanced CBD formula, enhanced by our superior vapor technology. By combining our CBD rich blend with our cutting edge aromatherapy device (embedded with our advanced micro-chip technology), we ensure the CBD blend is always heated to its optimal temperature and produces an enriched experience with each inhalation. • Our CBD blend is produced with 99% pure CBD derived from organic, non-GMO hemp. This enables us to create our CBD rich formula found in every GVD CBD using only the highest quality inputs.

Suited for people of all lifestyles

• The GVD CBD is a discrete, sleek, and stylish portable handheld device that can be used comfortably in any environment. Simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the GVD CBD and enjoy delicious, enriched, silky smooth vapor. As CBD is completely non-psychoactive and doesn't induce any mind-altering effects, it is perfectly suited for people of all lifestyles, and can be used as much as you like without interfering with your day-to-day activities.