About GVD Original

The significance of Green Vapor’s findings on integration between cannabis oil and device instigated months of research into the necessities for an optimal delivery device. The core underpinnings of such a device were determined to be:
  • Regulated internal heating mechanism ensures heating of cannabis oil is done at precise and optimal temperature to provide enriched vapor production
  • Enriched Vapor Production ensures maximal THC intake per inhalation

To achieve these device necessities, Green Vapor developed its exclusive advanced microchip technology, now embedded in each device. By choosing the GVD Original you are guaranteeing yourself a superior cannabis experience without any of the traditional cannabis consumption hassles:
  • No Grinder, Lighters, Rolling Papers;
  • No Burning or Ash
  • No need to Prepare/ Always Ready
  • No mess with our leak proof technology;
  • Discrete with minimal odor, that dissipates in minutes;
  • No charging;
  • No complex user functionalities, simply place to your lips, inhale and enjoy;

Proprietary Cannabis Oil Blend:

While creating our proprietary cannabis oil blend we stick to one essential premise that makes our cannabis oil blend the finest on the market, “what you put in is what you take out”. Meaning, if you extract your cannabis oil from low grade cannabis or cannabis trimmings, as most cannabis oil producers are known to do, you will end up with inferior oil. That’s why Green Vapor ensures that every GVD Original collaboration is produced using only the highest grade cannabis. Our cannabis oil blends are produced at local licensed state-of-the-art facilities using our proprietary double distillation extraction process. Throughout the extraction special care is taken to maintain the plants' delicate natural terpene profiles, resulting in our cannabis oil blend tasting like the strain it is derived from without any artificial flavoring.