Our Cannabis Oil Vapor Technology – Your Oil Blends

The Green Vapor Team developed the DIY Kit to aide those with a “do it yourself” mentality in creating an aromatherapy experience personally tailored for perfection. Choosing the specifics of an aromatherapy experience is generally unavailable, as most pre-filled devices do not provide variety of strain and dosing options. Therefore, The Green Vapor Team is excited to empower consumers with the DIY Kit, to customize their experiences, and achieve desired results!

With the DIY Kit, you can now enjoy your oil of choice in Green Vapor’s state-of- the-art disposable aromatherapy device – the GVD DIY. Each GVD DIY contains Green Vapor’s advanced microchip technology, ensuring vaporization always occurs at optimal and precise temperature, producing enriched vapor and maximizing effectiveness per inhalation. GVD DIYs come pre-charged to output 150+ inhalations, and are ready for use upon filling. GVD DIY’s can be directly filled with low viscosity essential oil. For high viscosity oil follow the simple DIY Blend directions found on the inside flap of the DIY Kit or here.

  • state-of- the-art hardware technology – hyperlink to:
  • DIY Blend Instructions hyperlink:

• DIY Kit Contents

  • 3 * GVD DIY devices;
  • 3 * Travel Tubes (1 labelled);
  • 2 * Multifunctional Medical Grade Silicone Rings;
  • 1 * Vial of DIY Blend;
  • 1 * Microwave Safe Mixing Vial;
  • 1 * 1ml Syringe;
  • 1 * Needle Tip;

• 3 cutting edge aromatherapy devices – embedded with our advanced microchip technology

• Two unlabeled traveling tubes for discretion and one labeled traveling tube for style

• Two Green Vapor Multifunctional Medical Grade Silicone Rings - can be used as grip, safety lock, mouthpiece, or water pipe adapter;

• 2ml DIY Blend – enough volume to create oil blend for use with all three GVD DIY’s

• Microwave Safe Mixing Vial – safely create oil blend in microwave or via an alternative heating application

• 1ml syringe and needle – to assist with precise measurement of DIY Blend and filling GVD DIY’s

• DIY Kit Dimensions: 14.4cm L X 8cm W X 5.5cm H


Legal for adult sale & purchase across Canada and the USA;

  • Fully compatible with high & low viscosity essential oils;
  • Cutting edge devices containing Green Vapor’s advanced microchip technology;
  • Discrete, sleek and stylish, can be used in any environment;
  • 0.6ml tank capacity, pre-charged with 150+ inhalations per unit;
  • Designed to ensure device battery life always exceeds tank liquid volume;
  • large ‘oil droplet’ viewing window enables easy monitoring of oil consumption rate;
  • Silicone ring functions as a grip, safety lock, mouthpiece, or water pipe adapter;
  • Hassle free consumption:
    • No charging;
    • No mess – Leak Proof Technology;
    • Always ready for consumption (once filled);
    • No complex user functionalities
  • Customize experience – choose desired essential oil strain and dose strength;
  • Be in full control of what is consumed;
  • DIY Blend turns high viscosity essential oils into an essential oil blend optimized for the GVD DIY;
  • Green Vapor’s advanced microchip technology, embedded in every GVD DIY, ensures optimization of each inhalation;
  • Cleaner, more convenient and discrete than alternative forms of consumption;
  • Cost effective alternative to purchasing pre-filled aromatherapy devices;
  • The GVD DIY can be filled directly with low viscosity essential oils (skip Step 1, begin with Step 2), but for high viscosity extracts we recommend the following:
  • Step 1: Making Your Oil Blend
    • Place 0.3g (suggested quantity) of your extract into Microwave Safe Mixing Vial.
    • Place needle tip on syringe and draw 0.4ml of DIY Blend, inject into Microwave Safe Mixing Vial, place cap on vial and put in microwave.
    • * Alternative heating sources, such as a hot water bath, will also work
    • Run microwave for 15 seconds, then give vial a swirl to stir around contents. Use needle tip to help stir if needed.
    • Repeat process until DIY Blend and extract have fully mixed together.
    • Your oil blend is now ready for use, and should be inserted in your GVD DIY.
  • Step 2: Filling your GVD DIY
    • Take syringe and draw 0.6ml of the oil blend.
    • Remove mouthpiece (if necessary) from GVD DIY and insert contents of syringe in device reservoir.
    • Cap GVD DIY immediately after filling by placing mouthpiece over reservoir opening, pushing mouthpiece downward ensuring the nipple is firmly inserted in chamber, and twist to secure mouthpiece in place.
    • Leave device upright for a few minutes after capping to saturate and your GVD DIY is ready for use!
  • Step 3: Enjoying your Filled GVD DIY
    • Place Multifunctional Medical Grade Silicone Ring at desired location on GVD DIY
    • Place GVD DIY to your lips, inhale slowly and retain vapor for 2 – 3 seconds, exhale and enjoy!
    • Dispose of unit when done

Our exclusive Green Vapor Multifunctional Medical Grade Silicone Ring will further enhance your experience by providing the following functions:

  • place over inhaling end (top) to use as mouthpiece (hygiene)
  • place partially over bottom end to restrict air-flow and increase vapor production (vapor production regulator)
  • place completely over bottom end to prevent inhalation (safety-lock)
  • place at preferred placement along device (hand grip)