Pre-Charged, Pre-filled, Disposable

The GVD CBD fuses our proprietary hemp oil blend with our state-of- the-art hardware technology, ensuring an enriched vapor experience with maximal CBD intake per inhalation. Research has shown that when vaping CBD the body effectively absorbs 50-60% of the CBD contained in the vapor intake. When ingested (ie. capsules) the body absorbs an estimated 10% of the CBD ingested.

  • Pre-filled with 50mg & 125mg doses of 99% pure lab tested CBD
  • “99% pure lab tested CBD (see results here and here)
  • Derived from organic certified non-GMO hemp
  • Pre-charged with 250+ inhalations per unit
  • 1 Green Vapor multifunctional medical grade silicone ring
  • Legal for adult purchase & sale across USA & Canada
  • Legal for adult purchase & sale across USA & Canada
  • Discreet, sleek and stylish, can be used comfortably in any environment
  • Cutting edge aromatherapy device, embedded with our proprietary advanced microchip technology
  • Hassle free consumption
    • No charging
    • No mess – leak proof technology
    • No preparation, always ready
    • No complex user functionalities
  • Ready to consume anytime
  • CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, helping manage ailments and improving overall quality of life
  • Vaping CBD has produced effects 30-60 minutes faster than ingesting CBD (ie. capsules)
  • Non-psychoactive, no mind-altering effects
  • CBD is known to provide a relaxing, comfortable body focused experience, helping you maintain a balanced & clear headed day
  • Some of the many benefits our clients have attested to include*
    • Pain Relief (muscle + joint pain)
    • Anti-Inflamatory
    • Stress Reduction
    • Anti-Anxiety
    • Nausea Relief
  • *Health Canada nor the FDA have formally issued statements regarding the efficacy of CBD, Green Vapor makes no claims regarding the efficacy of the GVD CBD
  • CBD is being extensively researched by international medical communities for its potential medical benefits

  • Consuming GVD CBD:
    • Remove GVD CBD from package;
    • Place Green Vapor multifunctional medical grade silicone ring at desired space along device;
    • Place inhaling end of GVD CBD to your lips;
    • Inhale slowly for 2 - 3 seconds allowing your lungs to fill with enriched CBD vapor;
    • Retain vapor in lungs for 3 - 6 seconds, exhale and enjoy;
    • Use as needed;
    • Dispose of device when done;
  • Optimal GVD CBD Use:
    • To ensure your GVD CBD always performs at its best we recommend consumers do not exceed:
    • 5 inhalations per minute; or
    • 4 seconds per inhalation.